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The Story of Dual_EC_DRBG. Everybody in crypto community knew that the Dual_EC_DRBG was a true disgrace, a monster ignoring almost everything which it is reasonably possible to know about security. Basically well-known crypto experts have for a long time made very clear that Dual_EC_DRBG: was “just plain bad random number generator all the way back in 2006”, it was “dodgy in 2007, and ... So, as we all know, Dual_EC_DRBG contains an NSA back door. At this point, there is no reason to call it a "potential" or even an "alleged" back door; the presence is obvious even to the NY Times. As we also know, RSA BSAFE has been using Dual_EC_DRBG by default, with a justification so stupid it can only be translated as "because NSA paid us to". The Dual_EC_DRBG generator from NIST SP800-90A. Update 9/19: RSA warns developers not to use the default Dual_EC_DRBG generator in BSAFE. Oh lord. As a technical follow up to my previous post about the NSA's war on crypto, I wanted to make a few specific points about standards. In particular I wanted to address the allegation that… Elliptic curve cryptography is becoming more and more popular. One of its main supporters is the cryptocurrency system Bitcoin which uses an elliptic curve scheme for their digital signatures. Smaller key size, a more efficient implementation than the RSA system, and a similar level of security make elliptic curve cry And like Dual_EC_DRBG, it provides no documentation for how or why this number was chosen. Now as Vitalik pointed out, even if the NSA knew of a specific elliptic curve with vulnerabilities, it still should have been near impossible for them rig the system due to the fact that brute-forcing a hash function is not feasible. However, if they discovered a flaw that occurred in say, one curve in ...

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BTC Mining Software FREE✔️2020 BTC Mining download FREE PC / Mac

This video is an explanation following the paper Dual EC: A Standardized Backdoor by Daniel J. Bernstein, Tanja Lange and Ruben Niederhagen I have a blog her... The Best Nvidia GPU Ethereum Miners. I did a little research into the best Nvidia graphics cards for mining Ethereum and in this video I share the details. Hardware discussed in this video. MSi ... bitcoin, bitcoin mining software, free bitcoin ... bitland mining, simple cryptocurrency, how to mine bitcoin mining bitcoin 2020, myetherwallet, claymore dual miner, tutorial, step by step ... DUAL 3B-334 High Performance 3-band Antenna Electromagnetics designed by YT1NT using proprietary optimizing software. 3 monoband antennas on a single full size boom, using a common ... How we avoided a second Dual-EC-DRBG fiasco by TheIACR. 6:19. Unknown presentation by TheIACR. 0:36. Another Application of Cryptocurrencies by TheIACR. 6:15. P2P social networks: why and how ...