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Need some troubleshooting help! Riser 008s and R3c

This project isn't for gpu mining but I know these risers are mainly used for this purpose so I thought I might get some good feedback here. My project is that I have an itx board with a single x16 pcie slot. It also has 3 m.2 pcie gen3 x4 slots. I have one free m.2 slot and wanted to convert that to x16 via riser. I wanted a 2nd low power silent gpu added to the rig. I went with the fanless msi 1030. It has a max draw of ~30w so I figured sata power would be safe. I purchased this and this to test with. Neither work!! So it must be something on my end?? The first part is fairly standard, the difference being I'm going to a m.2 slot where most of you are coming from x1 or x4. "In theory" this should just work! I'll start with the 2nd part since it's very simple: m.2 connector -> x16 socket + sata power. I hooked this up, seated the gpu and booted up. Nothing. Not even bios. I pulled the gpu and booted. Bios worked and booted up (running a 1080ti direct on the board). Installed the gpu back and nothing. I bought the 1030 used so I pulled the 1080ti and installed the 1030 direct to the mb. Works! So then I thought maybe the riser is bad or that sata power is insufficient seeing that most gpus would also have 6+8pin direct whereas mine has no external power. So I swapped risers out. This time the 008s with additional power connectors. Exact same thing. First I powered via pci only. Then sata+pci. And finally sata+pci+molex. In all situations the red led lit up. In all situations if I do not have the gpu plugged in it boots up fine. The strange thing is I never get into bios. No speaker or post lcd on this board so my troubleshooting is limited. And to note I test both gpu hdmi ports just to make sure one vs the other was set to primary. I got lazy and just looked at my mouse to light up to see if it booted. The mouse stayed dark, implying it never posted. Any help would be greatly appreciated! solved I have two m.2. ports which are pcie only. I have 1 port that is pcie/sata. the suggestion by u/sqrtlurface was to use the pcie/sata port and now the 1030 is being recognized in both linux and windows.
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[Troubleshooting] I have a super weird build with 2 GPU's, and I'm getting no video output from either. The commenter that fixes my problem will be gilded.

(I posted this question to /litecoinmining (and /dogemining), but only got one answer. Just to be sure I want a few more opinions before I go ahead)
I've bought an R9 270, and I have it set up inside a milk crate (litecoin miners know what I'm talking about). The milk crate is sitting next to my gaming computer (I bought a very, very long USB riser to attach the GPU), and I have plugged the gaming computer's PSU into both the powered riser and the new GPU's 6-pin slot. The R9 270 is meant to serve as a full-time bitcoin miner, and is drawing it's power from my gaming computer.
However, when I tried to turn on the computer (with both the 6850 and the R9 270 plugged in), almost everything would work fine. I have checked and made sure the CPU, graphics cards, and the hard drive are working fine. However, my monitors would get no input from both the 6850 and the motherboard's HDMI plug. (My motherboard is an Asrock H61M/U3S3)
I then unplugged the R9 270 + it's 1x to 16x riser, and both PSU cords. When I booted the computer back up, I miraculously started getting video input again.
One last thing: Whenever I run the PC while the R9 270 is plugged in, the PC shuts down as soon as I press the power button. Not sure if this is relevant at all, but just thought this could help anyone looking for a solution.
What I've done so far:
What should I do to restore video to my PC so that I can get the mining card set up?
My Gaming Computer's Partlist:
CPU: Intel Pentium G620 2.6GHz Dual-Core Processor
Motherboard: ASRock H61M/U3S3 Micro ATX LGA1155
Motherboard Memory: Corsair 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3-1333
Memory Storage: Seagate Barracuda 500GB 3.5" 7200RPM
Video Card: Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 1GB Video Card (Plus the previously mentioned R9 270)
Case: NZXT Phantom 410 (Black/White) ATX Mid Tower Case
Power Supply: Antec Basiq Plus 550W 80+ Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply
TL;DR Installed a R9 270 into my gaming computer as a 24/7 bitcoin mining card. But when I plug it in, I don't get any video from neither my motherboard, the R9 270, nor my 6850. What do I do to restore video?
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About to drop around $2500. Would love some opinions on this rig.

Ive been reading and reading and studying for days on end now. I want to understand as much as i can before i drop thousands on a rig and start mining. My plan is to ride this out as long as possible. I have faith LTC will go substantially higher...not as high as bitcoin..but i feel it has huge potential. With that said...i will cash out when i get enough LTC to match my initial investment to pay myself back. This makes everything i mine after the fact nothing but profit (minus the electricity of course). Ill use that profit to build a second rig based on how this is going but that comes later. Also...im a PC builder and have been for 10 years now.
I will be using six R9 280x's. Preferably MSI but ASUS if i have to. I only want one motherboard so i will be buying six PCIe x1 to x16 POWERED risers. I am under the impression that x1 or x16 doesnt impact hashrate. Only gaming (which im obviously not doing). I have 4GB of DDR3 1333 laying around in my room so i dont need to buy that. I will be using Windows 8 since i hear the drivers for Windows net better hashrates. I am correct to assume i can use 6 cards with Windows right?
Now... i will be buying a 32GB SSD since they draw very low wattage and an Intel Celeron Dual Core Ivy Bridge processor that draws 55 watts.
Here is where i am really unsure. Can this be possible if all else above checks out...with two 1000watt PSU's? I plan to try and undervolt the gpu's a bit to save on power and heat. Is that enough or too much wattage? I figure id buy an Add2PSU and hook them both up for stability. The cards will draw anywhere from 1500-1800 watts with the rest of the system hopefully not drawing anymore than 150. Can this be done with a single PSU? DO i even really need the Add2PSU? Can i get away without using it? Or should i buy a 1250watt and a 1000 watt and have the 1000w power 3 cards with the 1250w powering the other 3 plus the rest of the system?
These are the parts:
(I understand the GPUs are out of stock. I am waiting a couple days otherwise i will buy from Tigerdirect. Bit more expensive but available.)
So what do you all think? Opinions? Suggestions? Am i crazy?lol
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7GPU build is losing its mind freezing. Testing for failed parts is tedious

Feel free to laugh at my career ending $12,000 blunder.
I did have this whole thing stable for about 1 day, but now it's all gone to hell. I attempted a server rack mounted build similar to the Linus 7 gamers 1 PC video.
Parts List:
Any thoughts? personal experiences to draw on? At this point, I'd settle for just random ideas? Should I try rolling the Bios from 3502 back to 3402? Maybe run all GPUs off external power and only the motherboard and CPU off a main PSU?
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Power supply questions for SAPPHIRE Vega 56 build.

I am planning a 5 GPU SAPPHIRE Vega 56 build and i was wondering if any of you guys can recommend a power supply combo to power those gpu`s. The 3 x 8 pin pcie make it a bit of a pain in the ass but at the moment these are the only vega cards available in my country.
Now my question is how do i power these cards safely?
Is it safe to use a pcie adapter 6 pin to dual 8 pin?
Single psu or dual? which brand do you recommend?
Are these cheap ali express psu any good are a a waste of money?
How much power do the risers draw from the vega 56?
My max calculations so far (correct me if im wrong please)
Sapphire Vega 56 (200w each) x 5 = 1000w
Mobo, CPU etc - 250w
Risers (75w each) x 5 - 375w
Total: 1625w
I was planning on running a 1000w and a 850w psu, is that enough headroom for spikes or do i need more?
is this information correct?
8 pin pcie - 150w per rail
6 pin pcie - 75w per rail
Molex - 40w per connector
Sata 40w per connector
I was reading that the 8 pin pcie can draw 350w from the connector plugged in the psu and 150w from the 6+2 connector, if thats the case can each 8 pin rail handle 350w? How much can 6 pin rails handle? ( a bit confused there)
thanks for reading my long msg and thanks for helping.
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