Doge Wallet is an iOS client for DogeCoin digital currency ...

I just bought an iPhone (yeah, feel free to flame me for that). What can I do with Bitcoin on it?

I've read that Apple has not approved any Bitcoin-related apps, but I don't know what that actually means in terms of what one can do with Bitcoin on one's iPhone. Is there a client that works on iPhone? If so, what works? And if not, is there some way to circumvent Apple's dickishness (other than having an Android phone)?
P.S. before anyone makes fun of me, I really didn't want to get an iPhone. I wanted a Galaxy. But my phone needs to be replaced immediately, so I can't save up for a Galaxy at retail price; and I value my non-contract plan enough that I'm stuck with the phones they have available. That meant either a refurb iPhone or a Huawei, the latter of which I've heard have a tendency to break, pee in your lap, and randomly burst into flame.
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Let's get to the bottom of the alleged iOs ban

I'm curious to learn the real story behind the alleged Apple bitcoin ban.
Jon Matonis from Forbes wrote an article a year ago, which I think is a bit speculative. But more importantly it's not actionable. Just waiting for Apple to change their mind once Bitcoin becomes mainstream is boring. :-)
The Blockchain app update message from March 13 2012 (version 1.9) says "Removed wallet functionality". But now it seems the wallets are still there. Did they sneakily or accidentally reintroduce them? They also have a Cydia version for jail broken devices. From the source code it seems that it enables the "deposit" button and also tells the server that it's running Cydia so it can present different functionality.
Another wallet app was BitPak. It disappeared from the store and the author has moved on to other things.
In both cases they were rejected because Apple wasn't sure if it complied with all regulations in all countries. According to the author of BitPak, Apple refused to specify which regulations in which countries might be violated. It must be great when you have the power to decide who has the burden of proof :-(
MtGox has an Android client and refers users to Cydia to run their iPhone client on a jail broken device (which is a bad idea if you care about security). I don't know if they've attempted to go through the Apple review process, if they got rejected and if and how hard they tried to appeal.
The Coinbase iPhone app does not support payments. Again it's unclear if they tried and got rejected for the same reason.
Are there any other (would be) iOs apps that allow payments? I'm not talking about web apps.
It would great to get some clarity on this issue, in particular: * know if all 4 apps were rejected for the same reason and have at least tried to appeal the decision (and the relevant dates) * ask Apple if they are willing to specify which countries and which regulations they are worried about. At the very least get them to name 1 country and 1 regulation and a promise that they'll keep feeding us other regulations that they are worried about if we deal with that specific one. * compile our own list of potential legal issues, ideally supported by referring to any known (threat of) legal action that has taken place on Android
Coinbase, MtGox and Blockchain all have more functionality in their apps than just payment. If they push this issue further, it will at the very least delay their ability to ship regular updates for those features. This is because you can not ship another update to your app if you are in the middle of an appeal process.
A good way to tackle this issue is to try and submit a new Bitcoin wallet app with the all-or-nothing goal of getting the app approved with payment functionality included. I'm interested in doing that, but for the moment I don't have time to build it from scratch.
I'm based in The Netherlands, so after an initial rejection the first thing I might try is to release it in the Dutch App Store only, since I understand that legal system a lot better than the US and Apple knows that the Dutch government is unlikely to fine Apple without warning.
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/r/TweakBounty Survey Results

Hi everybody, I'm Matt, a member of the /TweakBounty team.
Recently, I asked you awesome users of /Jailbreak to help support us by filling out a quick survey. If you haven't already done so, you can fill it out here. After leaving it open for just over a day, we received over 400 responses! This is really amazing, so thank you all very much! Our goal here was to learn more about what you want from us as a service, so that we can adapt to your needs and fulfill our goal of bringing developers and users together to further improve the Jailbreaking community.
I’ve been busy manipulating and formatting the data, while trying to balance being a student, this entire time, staying up far later than I should, but I’d like to summarize some of our findings.
1. More than 70% of everyone who responded to the survey had been to /TweakBounty. This figure includes those who had also created, added to, or fulfilled a bounty.
Person Never Seen/Heard Of /TweakBounty Visited /TweakBounty Created / Contributed / Fulfilled A Bounty Chart
User 29.2% 63.8% 7.0% Chart
Developer 26% 63.6% 10.4% Chart
This is a great start! Obviously 26% of responding developers never hearing/seeing it needs to be improved, but this is a lot better than what I was fearing (and a lot of people had been posting that no developers are ever here!)
2. The idea minimum bounty seems to be a pretty contentious point for people. Many want to lower or even remove the minimum bounty, and many chose the maximum possible value in the survey. The maximum value on the survey is a limitation set by Google, not by us. Because of this, it can't be directly determined whether those votes are for $10, or for a value greater than $10. In fact, many people in the suggestion box (both users and developers) suggested that $10 is still too little for a bounty. Overall, the average minimum values are still above the current level of $3.
Person Average
User $3.62
Developer $3.80
Distribution Chart
The important thing to note is that /TweakBounty is not a store to get tweaks for cheap, it is in place to crowdfund the development of new tweaks. As I said previously,
The minimum exists to prevent a torrent of semi-pointless bounties that no developer will ever care to follow through on, hiding more worthwhile bounty posts. It's up to the developer to judge whether or not a bounty is worth their effort, the minimum just attempts to reduce the number of threads which aren't worth anyone's time.
We encourage developers to visit /TweakBounty often to discover new ideas. If an idea piques your interest, yet the funding isn't quite there, say something! We understand that your time is precious, but we need your input so everyone knows that you've taken an interest in the idea. A simple "This sounds like a great idea, but it'll take a lot of work to accomplish. I'd take this up for $____" is fine. Be honest, outline the amount of work it'll take to complete the task. We know you work hard, and you deserve to be paid a fair amount for the work you do.
One important idea that we've been working on is a "negotiable bounty", where developers have a bigger role in the process. The idea is that the first user comes up with the general concept/request, and developers comment on the specific details and features and outline how much they feel it'd be worth to them. A negotiable post would include "[NEG]" in the title so developers can identify it easily. This is like a perfect marriage between a standard request and the TweakBounty system.
3. Accepting different payment providers is a crucial part of including all potential backers. Since there was no way to include a list of every possible provider, I left it open to be filled in manually...boy, what an interesting process it was trying to automate categorizing your inputs. However, I got it working! Amazon Payments was the #1 choice as a PayPal alternative, seeing as this is the other payment method Cydia accepts, this is not surprising at all. Close behind was Bitcoin, which also does not come as a surprise.
Method Amazon Bitcoin Credit/Debit Card Google Wallet Gift Cards / Non-Money Items*
Percentage 33.8% 22.1% 11.8% 10.3% 5.1%
* Includes gift cards, Steam games, etc.
4. In addition to how we will be handling payments, it was important to ask developers how they would like to receive payments for their work. Considering all developers with paid tweaks on Cydia are paid via PayPal (unless they have a different arrangement), the results of this question were not surprising in the least.
Method Paypal Bitcoin Amazon Gift Cards / Non-Money Items (Vouchers)*
Percentage 82.9% 5.3% 3.9% 2.6%
* Includes gift cards, Steam games, etc.
5. One question we asked was whether the moderators of /TweakBounty should be collecting the bounties or if it should be up to the developer who claims the bounty. Currently, if a bounty has multiple backers or a developer claims multiple bounties in one release, one moderator will contact each backer requesting their share of the bounty and collects their Cydia ID as well. We report to the developer at every step of the process, ensuring that they're not left in the dark wondering when their bounty will be paid, and this allows different payment processors, should we accept more than PayPal in the future. If a bounty has a single backer, it is up to the developer to arrange for payment.
The options were to keep the status quo, for the moderators to collect bounties in all situations, and for the developer to collect bounties in either situation.
Person Developers Collect All Bounties Developers Collect Single Bounties (Moderators Do Rest) Moderators Collect All Bounties Chart
User 22.4% 44.3% 33.2% Chart
Developer 24.7% 32.5% 42.9% Chart
All this information is extremely helpful to us, so once again thank you to everyone who participated!
We received a few suggestions from developers who were concerned about receiving funds at all and who asked about the feasibility of holding funds to ensure payment. We are reviewing options to improve the overall payment process, including options to guarantee payment. The idea to use a separate website as a unified payment system has been tossed around since the formation of /TweakBounty, but with all the response, it is definitely something to be revisited.
Many users requested clarification as to whether or not a tweak will be free to those who contribute. As it currently stands, anyone who contributes more than the minimum ($3) is eligible for a copy. This is not a "free copy", but one that's been paid for in advance to support the development.
There was also a large number of people who suggested rules holding developers to support their tweaks for longer periods of time to prevent "cash grabs". Most specified that tweaks must go through a "verification" period to ensure it works, and some requested support/updates though the current major iOS version (eg. 8.x.x). To be fair, all non-beta tweaks submitted to Cydia should be in working order and developers should be responsive to bug reports, although that is not always the case. For a tweak to be accepted for a bounty, it must be released on a default repository (unless the single bounty-holder and developer come to an arrangement), be almost completely bug-free, and be updated to resolve bugs within a timely manner for the current major iOS version.
A lot of people asked for a way to identify themselves as "trusted", that they've participated in a successful bounty or fulfilled one as a developer. This is definitely an idea that is simple to apply and effective in practice, so you should look forward to this in the near future.
Everything submitted is hugely important to us, and we're taking it all into consideration! I can't thank you all enough for all of this information (but I guess three times will have to do, for now), because you're helping us help the Jailbreaking community.
Matt (The_White_Light) Moderator of /TweakBounty
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iOS wallet

Now that iOS 7 has been jailbroken can anyone recommend a bitcoin wallet in cydia?
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