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What are Instinct MI8 sold for?

Polaris 10 and Vega 10 based cards are, due to the new mining craze, selling like hotcakes. The ROI is > 200% yearly, which is insane. Vega 10 cards are selling out at 50% above MSRP. This was not the case when AMD prepared their Q4 estimates - indeed, less than a month ago there were Vega 10 offers below MSRP! ( I am certain that AMD will beat its forecasts, and perhaps by a shockingly large amount. Furthermore, Q4 is seasonaly hardly weaker than Q3...
Another core that would fetch a pretty penny is Fiji. It is almost as efficient as Vega, and it would easily sell in the 400 - 500USD range. It seems that the only card using Fiji selling currently is the Instinct MI8.
Anyone know what they're sold for? This is yet another profit opportunity for AMD.
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quarkcoind on OS X - *almost there*

At this point I've fixed all the issues (hopefully correctly) that Apple's Xcode c++ compiler has with the quarkcoind source - I can build the daemon.
make test has one failure: [code] test/key_tests.cpp:92:27: error: no matching function for call to 'Hash' uint256 hashMsg = Hash(strMsg.begin(), strMsg.end()); ~~~ /Users/mpeters/quarkDev/quark-mastesrc/hash.h:68:16: note: candidate function template not viable: requires 4 arguments, but 2 were provided inline uint256 Hash(const T1 p1begin, const T1 p1end, ^ /Users/mpeters/quarkDev/quark-mastesrc/hash.h:84:16: note: candidate function template not viable: requires 6 arguments, but 2 were provided inline uint256 Hash(const T1 p1begin, const T1 p1end, ^ 1 error generated. make: *** [obj-test/key_tests.o] Error 1 [/code]
Hopefully that won't be too hard to fix. I'm almost there... While I have access to OS X I may see if there are any issues with building the qt binary as well, but fixing the unit test issue I think is first.
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QuarkCoin Daemon in OS X

QuarkCoin is a crypto-currency, a fork of bitcoin.
I like it because:
*) Must faster block time, ~ 30 seconds
*) CPU mining, ASICs can't do it and it is doubtful they ever will
*) Coin supply is not capped, which discourages hoarding
Right now you should consider it to be play money, don't go selling your house and dumping it into QuarkCoin. Most derivatives of bitcoin ultimately fail.
But anyway - while there is a GUI qt client for quarkcoin, there is not an official headless daemon release, and me - I like headless, I'm a Linux guy at heart and I like to be able to have it start / stop via the crontab.
Patches to get the daemon to build in OS X are here, written by me:
make test currently fails, but not because of the daemon - but a bug in the test code (Xcode c++ compiler is very strict and not very forgiving)
There's also a shell script in that directory to aid in controlling the daemon.
What I do is put the daemon and shell script in ~/bin/ and then use the cron daemon to start the daemon every hour on the hour and stop the daemon at 45 after the hour. With iMacs etc. Apple didn't design them for constant CPU use so you don't want the daemon mining 100% of the time or eventually it could damage your hardware.
Watch your CPU temps and adjust how long you let the daemon run accordingly.
To build it - okay you need Xtools with the command line stuff installed. I used MacPorts for other dependencies.
Those other dependencies being:
sudo port install boost [email protected]+no_java openssl miniupnpc
The QuarkCoin source is at
Get the zip, unpack it, apply the two patches, and then you can build it by going into the src directory and typing
make -f makefile.osx
Not trying to sell any doubters on QuarkCoin - just providing patches for those who want to play with it on OS X and would like to use the headless daemon instead of (or in addition to) the official qt GUI client.
The quark homepage :
I'll try to help anyone who is trying to build this and is having trouble, but keep in mind I'm a Linux guy, not an OS X guy. Just happen to currently have access to a Mac running OS X.
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Segmentation fault: 11 MAC OSX Maxcoin Mining

Dear friends!!
I hope all is great on your corner!! I ask for urgent help about Maxcoin Mining.
I have been mining Bitcoins + Scryptcoins for a long time and Im now mining Maxcoins. So far in my "mining career" I have never experienced this problem, however I get this frutrating situation when trying to mine Maxcoins.
After 30 mins 1 hr of mining, the miner crash and It gives me two types of errors :::
Segmentation fault: 11 (most of the times)
Abort signal 6 (sometimes)
My system :: Apple Imac Mid 2011 Memory 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 MB Software OS X 10.9.1 (13B42) Cgminer 3.6.6 -- arranged for accept sha-3 and released with the maxcoin lauch --
Any hints?
Thanks a lot for your help!
edit :: PLEASE HELP!!! :'(
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[serious] I'm probably going to be gifted an old computer next week, and I was wondering if someone who has moderate to ample technical knowledge can help me decide what to do with it

So long story short, my mom was just gifted with an old-ish iMac (it has an update pending for OS X 10.9.like4 or .5, and if she decides that she wants to switch over, she's going to give me her old Windows desktop, runs Windows Vista or 7 (I'm not quite sure), monitor, keyboards, and mice. In my room I currently have an old TV (with my AppleTV), my old Lenovo laptop (runs W7, it's old and a little slow though, and needs a new power cord, but that's unrelated), and my daily driver, my HP Chromebook. Now, I figured out a while ago that I can plug an HDMI cord into my CB and extend the screen onto my TV, so that I have two screen, which really helps my paper researching/writing, and that got me thinking today, what if I somehow managed to get as many of my devices interconnected as much as possible, that would be really cool! So, and I'm sorry for the long-ish backstory, here's my question: I want to use the old desktop for something in my room, and I want to connect as many of my devices together as it possible, and how can I do it? I was thinking about using the tower as a super casual gaming rig? Is it possible to hook up my TV and new monitor to both my CB and the tower, and just flip a switch or switch plugs and have them alternate between the two? I was also thinking about using the tower as my own personal server, is there a way to do that, and then be able to access everything from my browser? Or perhaps through my Lenovo laptop (hopefully without a remote login program, that'd be a last resort, if I'm not able to get a new power cord)? But the thing is that I don't know much (read: literally nothing) about going about that or maintaining it. Is there a way I can do both? Or maybe like 75% of one and 25% of the other? Anybody who is at least moderately tech-savvy (I consider myself to be, but I have really random areas of knowledge, that don't all link together) help me to figure out some options to best utilize all or most of my devices to make them into one interconnected, efficient unit? I have rambled a lot, so just in case you forgot, here are my devices again: my daily driver HP Chromebook, an old Levovo laptop running Windows 7, a TV with 1 HDMI cord (and possibly an AppleTV), and if it all works out, I'm going to be getting a desktop running Windows Vista/7, a standard wireless keyboard/mouse, and a tiny Apple keyboard and Apple mouse (the one with the ball in the center), as my mom wants a bigger Apple keyboard. Please in your answer, assume that getting any extra cords and/or small parts to upgrade the tower (it's a handful of years old) is irrelevant and I'll be able to get them. Or, also, if you know of a subreddit where I could get better help with this, please point me too it. I'm just looking for possible ideas right now, but if you'd like to go more in depth with me and help me get it all up and running I won't say no, once I know what I want to do, I'm going to post in /TechSupport with more details about my computer(s), and find out how to do exactly what I want to do. Again, I'm sorry for all the rambling, please ask me to clarify anything you don't understand, and I'll do my best. It's 12:20am where I am as of this posting, so I'm going to bed, but I'll check this first thing in the morning.
Thank you very much!
EDIT: maybe use the tower as a light Bitcoin mining rig?
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worldnews India-based IT services firm Infosys said it plans to hire 10,000 U.S. workers in the next two years and open four technology centers in the United States after Trump targets outsourcing firms United
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todayilearned TIL that BBC reported the World Trade Center tower 7 collapsed 20 minutes before the building actually fell. BBC
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How to Mine Bitcoin on Mac with Honeyminer - YouTube How to mine cryptocurrencies on Mac What is the Best Crypto Currency To Mine With An Apple Mac? SIMPLE Bitcoin mining on macOS (BEGINNER GUIDE) How to Mine Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin on Mac/Windows, using CPU or GPU with MinerGate and NiceHash

Mining is a process of Bitcoin creation. To achieve this goal, you need a powerful computer. Even more, powerful graphics cards. Now, you can’t do it by yourself because other companies have huge computing power, and the level of difficulty has significantly grown. Now, you need to collaborate with other people, create your pool or join an existing one. Bitcoin is an experimental new digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is also the name of the open source software which enables the use of this currency. The software is a community ... How to mine Bitcoin with your Mac. Here's how to cash in on the Bitcoin craze by mining on your Mac. But beware, it's neither simple nor cheap. So, using your iMac as an example, the best GPU your model shipped with was a Radeon HD 5670 that had 512MB memory and while this may have been okay to mine bitcoins in 2010, it would take so long to do now that the cost of electricity would outweigh the value of any Bitcoin you’d be able to mine (as it now takes a lot longer to mine and the cost of power only goes up). Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency - anonymous digital money, essentially, that you can create on your computer. We look at how to mine Bitcoin on Mac, and discuss whether it's a good idea

[index] [25391] [44201] [40606] [44869] [44043] [24873] [45946] [43448] [15703] [14420]

How to Mine Bitcoin on Mac with Honeyminer - YouTube

While you can easily mine multiple crypto currencies with your apple computer (iMac, Macbook Pro, Macbook air etc) they don't mine a huge amount of coins. So in this video I look at different ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Mining crypto currency using your apple mac is actually really easy. Here is how to mine crypto currency using your iMac or MacBook. Minergate - https://mine... MAC Ok first up, mining on your Mac. On Mac I tried out a few apps including MacMiner, Zcash miner, Parity, MinerGate and ByteCoin wallet. Unfortunately I couldn't get any of them working with my ... Sign up here: In this video we show you how to mine bitcoin on a Mac. This process is using a just released app called ...