5 Cryptocurrency ETFs to Consider for Bitcoin's Resurgence ...

10/11 Weekly Watchlist. [Again, I post one DAILY on the FREE telegram] List is a bit long but I'm watching a bit

[P.S. Only enter positions you feel the most comfortable with. Your money is your soldier only send him into the battle you think you'll win. Some of these I have taken positions. Some I am looking to take positions. I've posted how many shares I own of what multiple times ]
PLEASE HEDGE your long holds. For essentially pennies you can come out on a bloody day fine!
[💎-Long time gold][⁉️-Could go both ways][🚀-I think this is gonna shoot up][🔥-This imo is gonna be a fire stock to make money off of just dont get dumped on][⚠️-Already ran a bit be careful][👀-Watching this one closely][⭐- Huge Catalyst or info]
🍊The Big Orange man who lives in the house that's white is pumping money into black business and so is JPM. Tickers to watch for this. $UONE $UONEK $CARV $BYFC🍊
$UEC - $WWR pumped because of uranium. Well this is a..... URANIUM MINE. Big brain! Daily MACD 🐮👀🔥🚀
$DPW - Shorts ate this like it was their last meal. This should have another big run with hoe the sectors are pumping. Support $2/$2.23 Resistance $2.37👀🔥🚀
$ADMP - ⭐FDA Nov 15th.FDA Likey Approved.⭐GOLDEN CROSS coming on the 4hr⭐ 4hr RSI OVERBOUGHT 4hDaily MACD 🐮 Support: $0.51 /$0.59/ $0.60 /$0.74 Gap up to $1.14 after that the world may never know🔥🚀👀⚠️💎
$SESN - ⭐4th Q Bio news ANYDAY now. ⭐Daily MACD 🐻 Support $1.01/$1.25 Resistances $1.38/ $1.44/$1.50🔥🚀👀💎
$PRTY - Halloween is coming up. Daily MACD looking to setup. This is a constant pump and dump stock. Was $5-7 all last year. Daily GRAVESTONE DOJI⚰ Support $1.85/$2.15/ $2.40 Resistance $3.80🔥
$KOS - ⭐Reorganized there debt⭐ 4hr HAMMER DOJI 🔨 Daily/4hr MACD🐮 I honestly can see $1.75-$2 shortly. $1 is a HEAVY support. 👀🔥🚀
$SOLO - Quarterly/Daily/ 4hr MACD 🐮GODLY Support: $2.36-$2.45. Resistances: $2.65/$2.74/$2.87/ $2.95/$3/ $3.14. ⭐US Manufacturing Location PR by EoY.⭐🔥👀💎 $GRIL - This company is undervalued in my eyes. Newish emerging fast "healthy" food. Great concept with little to no competition. Daily RSI still slight oversold. Daily MACD 🐮 ⭐Float is legit NANO sized. I truthfully see $5-7 by next year on this.[LONG]🔥🚀👀💎
💰Honorable Mentions💰
$NOK - Big 5g provider globally. Honestly think this is being slept one and should move up by EoY to $5+.Daily/4hr MACD Daily🐮 👀💎 $NAK - Mine has been waiting for approval for 10+ years. Trump tweeting about it. MASSIVE float [BAD]. If somehow it gets approved this is gonna jet to $4-6💎⁉️
$IDEX - Some PR dropping. I suspect earnings is gonna make this run up heavily [Nov 6th]
$RIOT/$MARA -⭐ ONLY if Bitcoin continues to run up.⭐
💰Non-Pennys💰 ⭐SPAC companies are blank check companies looking to merge. If the merge FAILS you are reimbursed $10.⭐
$JETS - Airline ETF. With the fed and uncle JPOW 3rd of his name pumping airlines this could zoom zoom zoom to the moon moon moon
$SPWR - Solar power is BOOMING. This has been uptrending for awhile. Support $13.28/$15.43 Resistances are unknown. Daily RSI OVERBOUGHT. 👀🔥🚀🚀⚠️⚠️
$PLUG - WAY 2 HIGH! OVERBOUGHT TO THE EXTREME! Alt energy is a thing of the future! Dont expect the lowest level support to he broken. Support $15.70/$17 [LONG]⚠️⚠️🔥🚀👀💎
$ASO - New IPO. They sell camping goods such as GUNS & AMMO. $CWH is +250% since COVID drop while selling similar goods. New so impossible to map out levels. 🔥🚀👀💎
$KIRK - Cup and Handle! Support $7.41/ $8.77/$10.16⁉️ Resistances $11.87. 4hDaily MACD🐮 ⭐4hr GOLDEN CROSS 9/18⭐Suspect earnings get SMASHED [LONG]👀🔥🚀⚠️
$MCAC - [SPAC] ⭐PLAYBOY⭐ is going public through them. Sheerly off the name.🔥💎🚀👀 $CRSR - ⭐Slept on IPO that just came out. Makes competitive gaming equipment. Super sponsors in ESPORTS which are growing vastely. IMO another great long. ⭐I see a bullflag formed on multiple time frames.[LONG]⚠️🔥👀💎
$CLSK - Just like PLUG the uptrend is insane. ⭐ $9 Offering⭐ 4hr MACD 🐮Almost NO DEBT! Support is around $10. This should gap back to $13+ when the offering closes. ☠SABBY IS IN THIS STOCK☠👀🔥🚀⚠️
$PLAY - I'm bullish as a bull can be for next Q earnings! Support $13.86/ $15.05 ⭐4hr GOLDEN CROSS coming early next week ⭐Daily MACD BREACHING 🐮 4hr MACD 🐮/🐻HUGE Gap up potential to $19/$20. I'd put moneyon earnings being beaten December🔥
$SPAQ - [SPAC] ⭐MERGER VOTE END OF OCT⭐4hr GOLDEN CROSS⭐I see $25 EoY. 4h Daily MACD turning 🐮 Support $11.90/ $12.99 Resistances $15/ $15.55/ $16.05. Fisker is a PR machine.🔥🚀👀💎
$JMIA - Cup and Handle! Huge E-commerce in Europe/Africa. 4hr OVERBOUGHT 4hDaily/Wkly MACD 🐮⭐1+2hr GOLDEN CROSS⭐ Support $9.79/ $10.16 Resistance $10.60-$10.70 [LONG]⚠️🔥🚀💎
$DBX - 5years of constant revenue growth. Huge inverse H&S. Wedge broke out bullish. Daily/4hWkly MACD🐮 Support $18.74/$19.10/ $19.58. Resistance $20.77/$21.29 /$22.76 Gap up to $23.48👀🔥🚀💎
$LCA - [SPAC] Merging with Golden Nugget[gambling]. Should easily hit $20-$25 in the next 4-6weeks. 💎
$SQ - ⭐1% of their ENTIRE company is now in BTC [50m]⭐ this means if BTC goes up it directly benefits them. Not to mention $SQ is just a great long. [LONG]💎👀🔥🚀
$LMND - ⭐90% of their customers are Millennials opening insurance their first time. [This shows HUGE potential long term growth!] [LONG]💎
$NEE - ⭐4:1 Split could run.Think AAPL & TSLA. [LONG]⚠️💎👀
$JWN - 4hr GRAVESTONE DOJI⚰ Daily MACD🐮4hr MACD🐻 Godly Support $11.70/$12.90 Resistance $14.22 [LONG]⚠️💎
🤑Notable Earnings🤑
$DAL - 13th PM📈[Inverse Condors]
$JNJ - 13th PM⁉️
$JPM 13th PM⁉️
$UAL - 13th PM/AH?📈[Calls]
$BAC 14th PM📈[Calls]⭐
$WFC - 14th PM⁉️
$PYPL Estimated 18th ⁉️
$TUP Estimated 20th📈[Calls]
$LOGI Estimated 20th📉[Puts]
$LRN - 20th PM/AH?📈[Calls]⭐
$TXN - 20th PM/AH?📈[Calls]
$SNAP - 20th PM📉[Puts or Strangle]
$HOG - 20th PM⁉️
$NEE - 20th PM 📉[Puts]
$LMT - 20th PM📉[Puts]
$RTX - 20th PM📈[Calls]
$SKX - 20th AH 📉[Puts or Strangle]
$NFLX - 20th AH📈[Calls]⭐
$SIX - 20th PM/AH?📈[Calls or Strangles]
$BA - 21st PM📈[Calls]⭐
$SAVE - 21st PM/AH?📈[Calls]
$ORLY - 21st PM/AH?📈[Calls]
$MSFT - 21st AH📈[Calls]
$EBAY - 21st AH📉[Puts or Strangles]
$CMG 21st AH📈[Calls or Strangles]
$KO Estimated 21st📈[Calls]⭐
$AAL - 22nd PM📈[Calls or Strangles]⭐
$T - 22nd PM📈[Calls]
$INTC 22nd AH📈[Calls]⭐ 🔥🚀🌾Gold/Silver🌾🚀🔥 $AGC - 2x silver. Aka silver -1% AGC -2%. This is a day or swing trade. Depreciates $SLV - Long term silver hold $JNUG - 2x Gold. Same as AGC but for gold $NUGT/$GLD - Long term gold holds 🔮BET AGAINST THE MARKET🔮 $SPXS - 3X Inverse of SPY [The overall market] Spy +1% SPXS -3%. Spy -3% SPXS +9% [top 500 companies]🐻🐻 $SQQQ - Same as SPXS except top 100 companies🐻🐻 $VXX - Fear index/Volatility Index. This goes up with market feaunsurity. USUALLY inverses $SPY ⚖UPCOMING FDA INFO⚖ $BHC - FDA NEWS ANYDAY
$FBIO - FDA Oct 10th [same drug as TRVN]⭐
$ATXI - Oct 10th [same drug as TRVN]⭐
$SPPI - Oct 24th
$KALA - Oct 30th
$MRK - Oct 30th
$SUPN - Nov 8th ⭐
$ADMP - Nov 15th⭐
$ALKS - Nov 15th
$MYL - Nov 16th
$EIGR - Nov 20th
$LQDA - Nov 24th
🙏 I never intended to make any money from this group. All I truthfully wanted was a community I LOVED! If you choose to donate after a big win or to support my work; it is GREATLY appreciated. [Like too much to put into words lol] If you do donate please PM me; to let me know incase I miss it!🙏 ❤🖤💙💚🤎💛🧡💜🤍
My Links:
⭐Cashapp: $Hamstackz⭐
⭐Venmo: $JDH3703⭐
Thanks you once again. I couldn't do this without all the support and kindness from this community!
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my story; I have finally courage to speak about it

Dear BCH supporters,
I would like to share - very compact - my crypto story, my success but also my biggest mistake, which ironically made me trust BCH even more
I started in crypto in February with my first deposits.. I had been following bitcoin since 2013 ( i even remember still watching the price on a ticker go from 30 to about 120 usd in a matter of hours ), but was always afraid to actually put money in...
Last February i read about the March 11 ( then afterwards March13) bitcoin ETF decision and i thought it would not pass and therefor i was going to bet against bitcoin and for alts... I was never a maximalist btw and always thought that eventually bitcoin will be replaced by something better... it happened before many times in many industries..
Anyway, I had been reading and was intrigued by Ripple since 2015, not because i like it but simply because Banker coin, and bankers always win..
So in February/March i took all my savings around 14.000 euro and bought 50% xrp and 50% Ethereum... I caught both waves, respectively: xrp from $0.01 to about $0.2 and eth from $24 to about $300... Once ethereum hits its ceiling in June at $400 and started dipping i sold all for btc and xrp for btc and started to short Ethereum on margin on Poloniex... I was very addicted to everything ethereum and had a good grasp for the price and shorting earned me extra btc - even though i messed up there too - so that by the fork i had 80 bitcoins...
Having my btc on Trezor it took 4 days before i could move it to bittrex and 20 confirmations before i could sell my 80 BCH for 0.09... I then had around 87 Bitcoins.... Then I read the 'infamous' conspiracy 4chan message about these guys are playing high stakes poker and they are angry and have a plan ( if you remember what im referring too)...
Suddenly I felt Bitcoin Cash was indeed the real deal ( keep in mind i never took part in the scaling debate or was even much informed about this, no political involvement or opinion whatsoever)... but it was clear to me that there was a serious group in bitcoin that supported Bitcoin Cash sincerely..
So on August 6th, at 0.055 i converted all my BTC into BCH for a total number of 1311 BCH... and stored it back on my Trezor... Then the first Korean pump happened and my life became a blur...
Being unexperienced in trading and overwhelmed i became full of joy, fear and panic at the same time... i thought the flippening happened, then i read scam everywhere... i became a concern troll, i listened to Richard Heart, then to Roger Ver.. i read and read and lost control of what i knew all along...
When BCH dumped i sold low, then bought back in high, sold low in a dump , fomo'ed back in high... it became a mayhem in my head (and all of this happened within a couple of weeks)
Then came the China scare and i fucked up again and again... My crypto ''career'' was a straight line up until BCH.. And suddenly i saw my insane profits decimate continously due to my stupid behaviour...and eventually i had 500 BCH left and sold them all when BCH fell below 300 euro in October...
I was devastated because deep down inside i knew all along BCH was the right choice... but still i made shit loads of fiat money, as my parents kept telling , but i was mad as hell, and for good reason since i went full retard last fall...
A little later when BCH made its first spike back to 500 euro i regained my confidence and bought back in with half of the money i cashed out at 300, and have been in peace ever since...
Im a 30 year old with no prior experience but recently bought a cool Mercedes Benz and just bought an apartment which a year ago was not even a possibility in my wildest dreams...
Today I understand that I could have been the smart money, but im still the early adopter... I will get there, that much is certain for me.. but if there is anything to take from this for you... is that Bitcoin Cash has proven to me and the world that it is unstoppable... this sub also shows that the community is truly grass roots... so read my story and laugh at my mistakes, but know that Bitcoin Cash is the most solid (extremely volatile) investment in this world today... and the future of cash
Tell everybody in your family and friend circle... it is real...and it is growing up fast... and even though we are all in it for the money.. i am starting to understand the actual value of P2P permission less cash and what it will mean for humanity long term
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Friday, 6. June 2018

Switzerland Considers Granting Crypto Businesses Access to Banking Services Crypto companies based in Switzerland may receive access to regular banking services as early as this year.
World's Largest Crypto Exchange Eyes $1 Billion Profit Amid Rout This year’s cryptocurrency crash has saddled bulls with billions of dollars in losses, but the world’s largest virtual currency exchange is still making money hand over fist.
Dutch ETF Group Flow Traders Enters Crypto Market Flow Traders, a major European ETF trader, has started offering ETNs based on BTC and ETH despite authorities’ risk warning.
SwissBorg to Host Helix ICO
Token Sales: 12.07.2018
Goal: 3.500.000.000 HIX
Minimum investment: 100 Euro
Ticker: HIX
1 Euro = 100 HIX
Daily Performances
Weekly Top 5 Price comparison
- BTC . - ETH . - XRP . - BCH . - EOS
Technical Analysis - BTC
BTCUSD has broken the downtrend, which is very positive in itself. The market is bullish from a TA perspective and a close below $6'000 would invalidate our scenario. Current retracement could continue bounce into new highs next week. BTC/USD will need to make a decisive break of the $6'800 key barrier to extend a bull run.

Thursday, 5. July 2018

Cryptos Shake Off Binance-Shutdown Fears, Bitcoin Tests 4-Week HighsIn a resilience demonstration for the cryptocurrency space, anxiety surrounding headlines that Binance has suspended all services has been rebuffed and Bitcoin is testing $6'800
Rogue App Wreaks Havoc –Transaction Costs Soar as the Ethereum Network SlowsGas prices have soared this week, passing 500 gwai at one stage, before settling on a still-pretty-substantial 56 gwai.
Rakuten Coin to Launch on Viber Messenger in Russia Next Year | Finance MagnatesViber has 45 million active users in Russia.
Daily Performances
General Comments: The overall market seems to be news driven and volume remains low. Despite a mix bag of positive and negative news, BTC has been holding above 20DMA and appears to try and test the key $6'800 level on the upside. Volatility has been slowly creeping higher and option implied vols have been firming up. 10k strike calls are trading 76 vol and a move higher would be a key indicator for a shift in market sentiment to the upside. A drop back down below 20DMA would indicate a return to summer doldrums.
Weekly Top 5 Price comparison
- BTC . - ETH . - XRP . - BCH . - EOS
Technical Analysis - BTC
BTCUSD has broken the downtrend, which is very positive in itself. The market is bullish from a TA perspective and a close below 6,000 would invalidate our scenario.

Wednesday, 4. June 2018

Withdrawals Delayed - Bitflyer Scanning for Yakuza Customers Bitflyer has been delaying deposits and withdrawals of virtual currency in the midst of ongoing KYC verifications.
Decentral Launches Its New Cryptocurrency Wallet Jaxx Liberty in BetaDecentral, has announced the launch of its new cryptocurrency wallet Jaxx Liberty in beta.
Bitcoin Exchanges Outperform Traditional Finance Platforms in the PhilippinesBitcoin exchanges and cryptocurrency businesses in the Philippines have been outperforming traditional financial platforms in popularity and user activity.
Daily Performances
General Comments: Gappy trading continues in BTC. The market pulled back slightly from recent moves higher. We now see 20DMA as a key level to hold in order to confirm a change to upside trends. $6'800 level is the immediate target to reach.
Weekly Top 5 Price comparison
- BTC . - ETH . - XRP . - BCH . - EOS
![img](zovtvlfrdx711 " ")
Technical Analysis - ***BTC***Bitcoin stays at $6'480 as the upside momentum has faded away on approach to the next important resistance at $6'700. BTCUSD is mostly unchanged since the beginning of the day and down 2.8% on daily basis.


Tuesday, 3. July 2018

Coinbase Custody Officially Launches for Institutional InvestorsToday Coinbase Custody Officially Launches for Institutional Investors. However, Coinbase Custody accepted its first deposit last week before its official launch today.
Crypto Valley Declares Blockchain Voting Trial a 'Success' - CoinDeskZug, home of the "Crypto Valley" in Switzerland, has successfully completed its first test of a blockchain-based voting system.
Top 10: Price Analysis, July 2The total MarketCap jumped from the $233 billion levels ( June 29) to $260 billion ( June 30). This shows that the cryptocurrencies can recover sharply when the trend changes.
Daily Performances
General Comments: A short burst of BTC activity led the entire market higher. BTC broke free from the 20DMA level and looks to test $6'800 to the upside. A convincing break above $6'800 would indicate a turn in trend. Overall volumes are still light with the entire market following BTC. However, rising implied vols to upside strikes in the BTC options market would confirm the sentiment change, currently still stable.
Weekly Top 5 Price comparison
- BTC . - ETH . - XRP . - BCH . - EOS
Technical Analysis - BTC
BTCUSD has broken the downtrend, which is very positive in itself. The market is bullish from a TA perspective and a close below $6'000 would invalidate our scenario.

Monday, 2. July 2018

Philippines' Economic Zone Creating Crypto Regulations, Licensing 25 Exchanges The Filipino government-owned economic zone is drafting regulations for cryptocurrencies and planning to limit the number of licenses it issues to 25.
Abu Dhabi Global Market Launches Crypto Regulatory FrameworkThe financial authority of Abu Dhabi Global Market has launched a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency activities following the completion of a public consultation.
South Korea Unveils New Supportive Crypto Regulations | [blokt]South Korea's FSC unveiled new cryptocurrency regulations and guidelines related to KYC and AML requirements to be followed by the crypto exchanges.
Daily Performances
General Comments: Over the last several days, BTC has hit the $5'800 low in thin volumes twice but both times violently recovered above 6000. One more failed attempt at pushing it below $6'000 might change the sentiment or at least remove a lot of downside uncertainty. Risk is certainly a short term spike though not sure about long term sustainability in this volume. We will need a convincing break about 20DMA ($6'350) to change the tides.
Weekly Top 5 Price comparison
- BTC . - ETH . - XRP . - BCH . - EOS
Technical Analysis - BTC
The weekend brought some respite to exhausted Bitcoin bulls. BTC recovered from multi-month low and touched $6'520 on Saturday, but retraced to $6'300. The bull injection of momentum at $6'000 is clear. From the longer-term perspective, a sustainable movement above the downside trend line may be regarded as a positive signal. However $6'500 is still unconquered, it is a strong resistance level with a potential to limit the upside for the time being. On the downside, the critical support is created by $6'000 and followed by $5'777 (recent low).
Many thanks to Mariem @SwissBorg for providing us with THE latest news.
Disclaimer: Insider aims to provide our community with updates and information regarding financial markets and the blockchain world.This is our way of communicating with our community. It is meant to be used for informational purposes not to be mistaken for financial advice.Our opinion, when shared, is just that, it may not apply directly to your individual situation. Any information gleaned here is to be used at the readers' own risk, SwissBorg does not accept any responsibility for individual decisions made based on reading our daily blog. Any information we provide on our daily blog is accurate and true to the best of our knowledge, there may be omissions, errors or mistakes.
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Cryptocurrencies are in the green as traders digest news the SEC is reviewing its decision to reject the ProShares & Direxion Bitcoin ETF proposal, Fundstrat’s Tom Lee sees Bitcoin trading up with emerging markets in 2H2018

https://www.coindesk.com/search-giant-baidu-to-censor-crypto-discussions-on-its-forum-business/ https://www.coindesk.com/upside-calling-bearish-bets-on-bitcoin-futures-hit-record-low/ https://cointelegraph.com/news/fundstrats-tom-lee-correlation-between-btc-and-emerging-markets-is-sign-of-upcoming-trend-reversal https://cointelegraph.com/news/new-york-district-judge-rules-that-cftc-can-permanently-ban-crypto-firm https://bitcoinist.com/defense-distributed-appeal-bitcoin/ https://www.coindesk.com/with-nearly-200-million-on-the-line-eos-is-building-a-voting-system/ https://www.ccn.com/mark-zuckerbergs-sister-signs-on-to-serve-on-huobi-chain-advisory-committee/ https://www.ccn.com/icon-records-23-gain-again-while-crypto-market-sees-gloomy-forecast/ https://www.coindesk.com/india-central-bank-forms-new-unit-to-tackle-blockchain-regulation/ https://www.ccn.com/indias-central-bank-quietly-forms-new-cryptocurrency-blockchain-research-unit/ https://cointelegraph.com/news/japan-it-giant-ntt-data-ministry-of-economy-announce-blockchain-based-platform-for-trade https://www.coindesk.com/nex-infinity-blockchain-cuts-sheds-jobs/ https://bitcoinist.com/iran-central-bank-cryptocurrency-end/ https://bitcoinist.com/as-cryptocurrency-gains-popularity-in-israel-discussions-continue-about-a-crypto-shekel/ https://bitcoinist.com/maltese-prime-minister-fraudulently-impersonated-by-bitcoin-peddlers-on-instagram/ https://bitcoinist.com/reddit-co-founder-is-optimistic-in-spite-of-bitcoin-volatility/ https://news.bitcoin.com/investments-offshores-foreign-trade-russia-planning-for-crypto/ https://btcmanager.com/soluna-bets-big-on-offsetting-bitcoin-energy-consumption/ https://bitcoinist.com/litecoin-charlie-lee-ponzi-scheme-silverbug-youtube https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/08/27/prominent-analyst-bitcoin-is-significantly-healthier-in-2018-than-2014-optimistic/ https://www.coinspeaker.com/2018/08/27/world-first-blockchain-bond-attracted-110-million-of-investments/
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35, looking for some advice on my nonstandard retirement portfolio/strategy

Hi PF, I'm looking for some criticism or advice on what I can do to improve my investment-retirement portfolio.
I'm 35. After leaving college, I had -$27 in my checking account, about 80ish shares of AZO, and some precious metals. I was going down hill pretty fast (addictive online games, recreational drugs, ...) and for some odd reason, in a moment of clarity, I decided I needed a change. I sold the last of my AZO (wished I kept it) and brought some nice clean clothes and started applying everywhere around town. Eventually, I found a job that I enjoyed and I've been there for almost a decade now. During that time, I channeled my obsession from mmorpgs directly into my career. What you see below is a hodgepodge of accounts that I have setup trying various ideas out. I probably miss a few because they're not linked to MINT but the main ones are listed here.
I've tried CD ladders, day trading, futures, writing covered calls + selling puts, fixed income etfs and reits, bonds -- and this is the aftermath. I'm looking for some ideas that I can take advantage of to improve my portfolio or any criticism .. so I can change it before it becomes a big mistake (like my first IRA account). Thank you for taking the time to read this. And yes, I'm a big "believer" in precious metals (I'm a first generation immigrant).
Account Value (USD) APR YTD NOTES
Cash 1,250 3rd world mentality; used as gifts mostly
Bank #1 Online Saving 105,000 01.00% 590 E Fund
Bank #1 Checking 500 00.10% 0 Debit Card linked to E Fund
Bank #1 IRA CD 10,400 01.45% 113 My first IRA ... stuck in this for awhile
Bank #2 Checking 15,500 03.00% 270 3%, best I could find.
Bank #2 Saving 500 00.25% 0 E Fund #2
Bank #2 HSA 6,400 01.00% 40 New insurance doesn't qualify :( FML
Bank #3 MAIN Checking 4,200 00.00% 0 Everyday expense account DEBIT
Social Lending 23,000 07.00% 800 Lending Club
Brokerage Bond Account 271,000 ~05.00% 6,500 Bond Account: GE, Sallie Mae, Munies, etc.
Brokerage Cash Account 34,000 0 Cash to meet any extra margin requirements
Brokerage DT Account 32,000 0 Haven't had urge to DT for awhile
Fixed Income Regular 43,000 8,500 Mainly ETFs
Fixed Income IRA 17,600 2,300 Mainly ETFs (2nd IRA)
Settled Margin Account 0 12,500 Mainly trade only Silver & Gold Futures
Live Futures Margin Account 7,200 0 Current open positions
Bitcoins 8,500 2,400 Haven't looked at it for years
PHYS Gold 999 46,400 9,200 Physical Gold
PHYS Silver 999 41,000 11,750 Physical Silver
PHYS Silver Junk 4,400 1,200 Physical Silver Junk (craigslist silver)
DEBT Discover Card (500) 0 Secured Discover Card
Total 671,350 53,763 Total Value - YTD Returns
I'm currently moving my portfolio into short term fund/etf/cash until after the election. My fixed income portfolio consists of the bonds I listed above and
Pimco Short Term MINT a stable short term fund
Pimco Income Strat PFN closing this down next week
Pimco Strat Income RCS med-high risk
Pimco Municipal Income PMX almost tax free
Pimco High Income PHK very high risk. closed.
Pimco NY Muni PNF almost tax free
Pimco CA Muni PCQ almost tax free
Cornerstone Strat CLM very high risk. closed.
Blackrock Insured Muni BYM almost tax free
Blackrock Muni Yield MYI almost tax free
Blackrock Insured Muni Trust BAF almost tax free
Nuveen Muni NAD almost tax free
Putnam Master Income PIM med-high risk
iShares High Yield Corp HYG med-high risk
SELL Covered Calls SLV On about 2000-2500ish (20-25 call options) bi-weekly
SELL Puts SLV 10-15 put options weekly to make up for any calls that didn't work out
I have moved away from options and day trading. Currently, I'm trading futures since they're open 24 hours and my free time has been very limited these past couple of years. I know it is not your typical portfolio but I would like any thoughts on it or any ideas outside of the market. For example, I was thinking about getting a rental property the other day :/
Thanks again.
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A typical person in Bitcoin Doesn't WANT the Wall St Vultures in Bitcoin or Bitcoin businesses

here is why.
  1. they are savvy and awake to the games of wall st manipulation whether weekly options, fake etf's like slv/gld that capture premium from people vs the underlying, the endless derivatives BS being gamed
  2. they realize a new paradigm cannot be created from the consciousness that created the old. Einstein said you cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.
  3. Wall St destroys anything good in the end with constant focus on profit and greed to the extreme. They rig everything basically and that has been confirmed 100s of times including several world class articles by Matt Taibii let alone 100s of articles up on zero hedge.com , market-ticker.org etc
  4. Wall St is in BED with the government. They and the bankers and the largest corporations all work to maintain their monopolies and parasitical sucking of the 0% rate TIT of the FED
I could go on and on....but the last thing bitcoin needs is people creating more derivatives, or leverages, or monetizations of bitcoin
if they want to create real businesses, FINE, go ahead..but honestly, all one needs to do is accept bitcoin and you are already IN
if Wall St wants to do good they will figure out how bitcoin can Bankrupt or render USELESS law firms, trusts, the stock market/DTC ( patrick byrne nailed that one with naked shorting) , etc to USHER in real transparency and change. and to do it in a way that the end users always maintain control and as much ANON ability that they can. I
until i see that I will continue to point out that these creeps have little ethics in the end. What are the chances they will go after their lawyer brothers charging ridiculous fees? What are the chances they will work with the government to remove privacy features with this programmable crypto currency in the end and move towards completely trackable currencies? LOL. we know them and what they do. we know about the NSA, backdoors, overt lying by wall st and corporations, the patent stealing and blackmailing available via NSA tech networks. etc, etc
don't trust them
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One Month Review of Veritaseum 1.2.0 Beta

Written by: [email protected]
I have tried out the Demo and Live Modes of Veritaseum 1.2.0 Beta. I am satisfied with this derivative trading platform and look forward to seeing future Beta versions.
The platform fairly & accurately updates your P&L until contract expiration, and trades are updated periodically in real time to reflect market conditions.
The platform currently gives you four order parameters to choose from -- "Principal", "Receive", "Pay", and "Expiry." Other variables that can be modified are "Deviation" from Principal and two advanced variables -- "Collateral" as a percentage of Principal, and "Leverage" as a percentage of Principal.
"Principal" refers to principal at risk. "Receive" is what you buy. "Pay" is what you sell. "Expiry" refers to the terms of the contract, which currently is one of six time periods between one minute and five weeks. The Receive and Pay inputs are keyword sensitive; so for example, inputting the letter "F" gives you a drop down list of eight possible visible ticker's. Additionally, there is a scrolling list of tickers which match your keyword phrase.
The platform allows you to instantaneously display FX conversion rates from Bitcoin to USD, EUR, GBP, and Yuan. This is helpful in thinking about principal at risk in one's home currency. The transfer of funds to and from the Veriatseum Wallet is seamless. It took less than three minutes for Bitcoin to fairly & accurately transfer from my Coinbase Wallet to the Veritaseum Wallet. The transfer is initiated by copying your "Wallet Address" and hitting the send button.
The transfer fee on an unlevered contract is 0.0226 cents. The transaction fee is 0.0335. So in total, an unlevered transaction cost 0.0561 cents (USD). I am not positive if there are breakpoints built into this, as all my trades have been under $100 USD. I will defer to the software creators on this point.
Leverage fees add significant additional costs. A $10 USD trade with 2x leverage adds an additional 0.1758 cents in fees. The same order with 10x leverage adds 0.2361 cents in fees. The same order with 100x leverage add 0.9279 cents in fees. A bold red font disclaimer alerts you to changes in leverage and a warning stating that "the use of leverage is very risky and can result in a total loss for a trade."
Before the order is placed, a summary of all variables described above, plus maximum profit and loss and principal required, with a disclaimer that "You are about to place an order with these terms. Your order will be filled by the next available matching order."
Once the order is placed, it does not execute immediately. This is a distinct difference from a market order. It is more accurately reflects a GTC Limit order; which may or may not fill depending on IF there is a counterparty to match the order. Until your order is matched, it sits in the "Pending" column. Unfunded orders can be revoked. Once orders are matched and funded, they cannot be altered until expiration or the have been "Exhausted", meaning the maximum profit or loss limit has been exceeded and the order immediately settles.
Over the course of a month I funded my Veritaseum Wallet with the Bitcoin equivalent of approximately $575 USD funded from my Coinbase Wallet. I was filled on approximately 125 orders valued in real USD principal of ~$924.68 and collateral of ~$77.76. My P/L in aggregate was ~$21.58, or a P/L equivalent of 2.15% net of fees.
In terms of trades, I tried out a number of long/short combinations across multiple asset classes, varying the degree of leverage and principal, time to expiration, and deviation from principal. The trades fairly & accurately represented real time market conditions during the contract length and the contracts settled within a matter of minutes upon completion of the contract term or exhaustion. Upon settlement, my Bitcoin Wallet was funded with the proceeds of each contract plus or minus the profit or loss of the contract terms. The "Available Cash Balance" can then be reapplied to new trades, or can be transferred out of the platform wallet to another Bitcoin wallet.
My largest principal at risk trade was for $48.14 USD with 10% Collateral. The contract was a 10x levered receive MNST/ pay MDLZ with a 1 week expiration. This also happened to be my most unprofitable trade, as it was exhausted prior to expiration, with a P/L loss of $53.53 USD.
My experience with this trade caused me to pay closer attention to my ticker inputs, as I had intended on trading receive MON / pay MDLZ, and could have saved a significant amount of principal at risk. This trade also made me keenly aware that the application of leverage is a double-edged sword that can move for (or against in this case) a trade to exhaustion prior to the term of the contract.
I became more conservative with my principal at risk after this trade, but still made a number of long/short trades based on fundamental and technical factors. Trades that yielded nominal P/L for me were technical Commodity ETF ticker long/short pairs with one week expiration. Trades that yielded more favorable P/L returns were fundamental in nature.
My most profitable set of trades were pairs of fundamentally long versus a fundamentally weak position. I exhausted fourteen trades with $5.65 of principal at risk each, with maximum contract profit. Each of these trades were 5x levered with zero collateral, receiving fundamentally strong ticker's and paying ticker SHAK. For example, a $5.65 USD principal at risk trade, with 5x leverage to receive TW / pay SHAK with a one week expiration, was exhausted with $5.57 USD profit in approximately two days.
In summary, the learning curve to get up and running on the Veritaseum 1.2.0 Beta contract exchange platform took me about four hours. The biggest leap of faith for non-Bitcoin users such as myself is familiarizing the current exchange rate to your home currency (USD for me). The actual trading platform is simple, but the application of leverage can be deceiving.
I would recommend that you download and try out Veritaseum for yourself, and make sure that you save backup data periodically on a zip or external drive in case of the theft or crash of your computer or tablet.
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